It is what we relax in after a long nights work, what we use to escape the rain and rejoin comfort in warmth and comfort. In the summer is cools you down, and in the winter heats you up. It is always waiting for you with patience, no matter where you are or for how long. We put our life in its hands knowing it will keep us safe. From good times talking with friends, or just listening to a good song. Whether you are feeling good or feeling blue it never minds. It makes things just right for you without question and gets you where you need to be.

The car is an amazing thing.


That Time Again

That time is yet again upon us. The time of year when you need a coat to go outside. When you can begin to see your own breath in the cold air. It feels like Christmas before halloween is even here. I love this time of year. It may seem dark and dreary to some but to me I see calm and relaxing.