The Glitz and Glamour of the Casino

Sometimes things shock me about how they are looked at by the average person, or the government. Not long ago I went to a Casino for the first time ever, and at the end of the night I was up about $25. I spent maybe 2 hours in there and had some fun.

What scares me though is when I was leaving the Casino…the same people I saw when I entered hadn’t moved, and I could tell almost all of them hadn’t won anything.

I was tempted myself… I kept saying you will only make money if you bet big… but when you bet big and lose… you want to win it back… so you bet bigger to make it back… and lose until you eventually win and feel what it is like only later seeing your win of $10 is nothing on the $50 you spent before it.

Then you have people who try to beat the Casino. It is a hard known fact that it is almost impossible to legitimately beat the Casinos, but people try… and succeed to. But why is it that the people who are smart enough to beat Casinos get imprisoned and the company whose living is made from ruining peoples lives… isn’t.

I never heard anyone say they walked into a Casino, won something more then maybe $100 and then left. People rarely have that. Normally the very few big wins are just funding for that person’s addiction, and make their way right back to the Casino.