Apple losing YouTube App???

Forgive me for continued posts on iOS 6 but this is just getting worse and worse for Apple…

Apple is removing the YouTube App from all iOS 6 devices. Why? “Apple wishes to lose dependencies on other companies to provide these services… We have no plans on bringing the app back to the software, however we welcome Google to submit an app to the app store”

Apple, you are they biggest dim wits in the world. Also, this just in, Ford has decided they don’t like depending on circles any more, they are removing tires from their vehicles.


Some Added Font-roversy on Roboto

Way back when I posted on the design capabilities of the Android based font, Roboto, I was unaware of how…two sided… the new font seemed to be.

Here’s a picture to refresh your memory on the font…

As you can tell, this is a San-Serif font that seemingly by LAW must be compared immediately to Helevetica. It is a real shame that all san-serif fonts fall into comparison with this popularity behemoth but it should still be addressed. Do not get me wrong here, I still very much love Helevetica, and use it much to, but Roboto is my new and current favorite.

Matias Duarte, one of the people behind the Roboto font, said “If you can’t tell the difference between Helevetica and Roboto then you don’t belong in this debate”. Please keep this in mind, as they both have very distinct characteristics and if you can’t even tell the two apart then you can’t argue one is bad or good. Roboto is a font that has to deal a lot with diversity as well because it is  font that is being seen by millions of people on their cell phones, and not to mention millions of different kinds of displays on those cell phones; this means, it must be compatible and legible on a variety of  different diverse screens and monitors. Roboto is a font that was very musch oriented with Android and the end user in mind, and it shows in its robotic-like straight edges, and smooth approachable curves. Some people also argue that the font is simply a poor design, and to those I say designers must always face the fact that you will never make something that everyone will love, and honestly if some people have a strong hatred for something, it shows just how unique it is, and of course with a font unique as Roboto you have strong haters in the font community and you have strong lovers of it to by font nerds such as my self.

Hello, Roboto

Today in my digital media class, we were told to make a logo for our own fictitious design company… Immediately I was smiling on the inside and firstly I jumped online to download the Roboto font from the website Android Design. (These were school computers, and though it was over used by other students, Comic Sans will never cut it for me)

For those who don’t know, Roboto is a Open Source and free font family that was designed specifically around two things…

1) Android 4.0

The font was created for Android 4 so it was made with that in mind… more on this later…

2) High resolution displays

This font was made to be shown on high definition displays and as result is a Vector (PHEW) based font, meaning it will always be clear.

So the reason I posted this is I wanted to add on to the story behind the Roboto font as I think the founder of the font doesn’t do it justice.

This font was based with a dually based nature (Says the founder)… It is a font that is sleek, elegant and robotic in its basis; but human oriented with its clean nature and proportional and properly tuned curves. The Roboto font you can tell by just looking, has had a lot of thought and careful planning put into it (Says myself). If you type a few letters out and the look carefully at them you notice very minoot and fine details… for ex. The “r” when typed… On the top tail on the “r” in this font, it is not straight as it would appear, but it has a gradual and small slope: The rounded parts of the “r” are also, not completely rounded, but they maintain that robotic aspect, with a very small straightway that is quickly turned with the end of its tip.

I could go for hours in details on each letter alone, but I just think that to any designer or fan of Helvetica fonts, needs to check this font out cause it is a very pleasant font and is my current favorite, over my previous (Helvetica Neue 37 thin).

Small Shout and Happy Valentines Day

This is two things first off, happy Valentine’s day to those of you who aren’t single and pathetic like me. Secondly I just wanted to say that single or not you should play the video on Google’s homepage today. These are the reasons I love Google. They have no need for this kind of stuff nor does it help them in anyways but they do it for the users.

They put time in to animating a short together and licensing a song just to put a smile on to peoples faces. I say kudos. It honestly made me happy because the song is so nice and well done and Google has done this before to. So again go check it out, might make your day a little brighter to! Google Hompage Link