Atheism on the mind…

I have had a debate with almost all of my Christian friends by now, and every time I do, I have to start over with them: They all say something different.

I have read the bible, and I have interpreted it the way the book reads… If I have a question about a particular passage in it, I have asked one of my friends for an explanation. All my friends say something that either isn’t answering the question, or is 110% different from what another person of the same religion says for the same question.

Compare this to Atheists. I have never once meet an Atheist who has a different answer for ANY question about our origins, or God, ever. Our knowledge is set in Science which is repeatable and proven only in testing: It cannot be misread or misinterpreted and if it can, it is not considered proof, and is then tested further.

How truthful can something be if you never get the same answer? If a series of video cameras say that the criminal was wearing a black shirt, why would you deny that evidence and listen to the twelve people who say “It was brown”, “It was dark blue”, “It was green” or something else off the mark.