2012 was a truly spectacular year. In my world of tech, Samsung became the first single phone to outsell the iPhone, with their S3, Android still holds strong in the mobile market, Microsoft let loose Windows 8 though probably not a great OS… A man jumped from outer space onto Earth, Gangnam Style takes the cake as the most viewed video online with well over 1 billion views, James Bond crosses a milestone of 50 years making an absolute blockbuster and possibly thee best Bond movie in history, the Hobbit marks a remarkable return to theaters as the first movie to be shown in 48 fps over the normal 24, Nintendo releases their latest and greatest innovation the Wii U, Barack Obama wins in the presidential race for a second time, a Berlin man became the first to be cured of HIV, NASA successfully lands its rover on Mars and not long after sends back the first ever colour HD photos from the planet, California moves forward though as they sign a bill to allow the first ever self driving cars on the roads, Google opens its Google Glass to all and makes with LG the best selling Nexus Phone and with Asus the best selling 7″ Android tablet. We all lost amazing people in the world such as Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Gore Vidal, Michael Duncan, Andy Griffith, The victims of several absolutely unfortunate and sad shootings, Norodom S, Whitney Houston, Ray Bradbury, Maurice Sendak, Dick Clarke, Donna Summer, Mike Wallace and many other great people.

Yes, A lot has happened, and our world will always move on from it. It was an amazing year… so lets see how great we can make this one. 🙂