If only…

Nexus 7 Tablet: Cost to me = $199+tax Cost to Google = $142.32

iPad 3: Cost to me = $519+tax Cost to Apple = $223.61

If Apple would cut off some of their greed to only $50 profit/device then imagine how quickly they could gain market share… But… no. Of course not.


Atheism, and a True Christian

The other day I was at the PNE (For those outside Canada, it is the Pacific National Exhibition and it is a combination of concerts, entertainment, fair rides, roller coasters etc.) One of the booths that was setup their (sparsely populated) was a Gospel tent.

My friend who is Christian walked in and I followed with him, and I got into a discussion with one of the people at the booth. No, the discussion was not about Atheism, he in fact never knew I was one, but he none the less brought up the topic of it time to time.

He made one very true and valid point however, and I respect him for this…

“The pope, churches and these youth groups, and the labels from peoples parents are not God. God is inside you and it isn’t a company and it isn’t something you get pushed into, its something you believe not what your parents tell you to, or what your friends are or even the fact that you say you are one. All you need to be a good Christian is to know in your heart god exists”

He was making a point about “Christians”, and Christians. Some people just parade it around as a defence or idea or outline of what they think they are or of what is good, but he says that it is none of that, but instead what you demonstrate. If you demonstrate the qualities, and actions of the bible, and you believe in God then you are a Christian. This applies to 80% of the students in my graduating class. Those people were ALL (exceptions to 4 people) raging Christians, and went to youth groups and Churches and so fourth. Those same people were all back stabbing shit stains on society, and the school as well as my life spent there learning with them.

Anyways, to close the story, As I walked away from the booth (ditched by my friend who SHOULD have been there longer then me…) The man asked if I wanted a bible to take with me or give to someone. Out of good nature I took it and thanked him and he said another good point to those who “read the bible”… He said “When you read this, I want you to find yourself in it, and find where you are in here and how God relates to you”

I am still an Atheist, and I am certain of that, but my reason for posting this is to show that I respect people who are real Christians, like the guy was. As I said, theirs “Christians” and then theirs Christians.