Car Companies Don’t Care About Safety….

One thing I have found very interesting is how car companies are choosing to prioritize what features should be in their cars. For example, Hyundai. They target the family market in many of their cars (many, not all) however one thing that is odd is that most all of their cars have either A- An advanced stereo system or B- An entire touch console on the dash but you know what some of each of these models don’t have standard? Basic safety implementations like side air bags. True, it is not very common in the cars, but it is not considered a standard feature to them, while having a good stereo in the car IS. If your target demographic is the family, then your top priority without question should be safety: Heck, any car safety should be thought of well before how audio sounds. How about more advanced features though? Even these are often over looked in favour of either cutting cost or other features. What about blind spot detection systems? These are potentially life saving creations but are far from being in every car. That is something simple as well! We have a Ford Focus and it has a very easy to implement, yet shockingly smart and simple feature, that is a convex mirror in the corner of the rear-view mirrors that are specifically directed in the spot where your blind spot is. After driving the car I personally can say that the simple $10 little glass mirror does in fact eliminate the blind spot, however our truck, which also has a secondary mirror on the side, is not actually a wide enough range to see the blind spot! It is gut basic for a company to install and can save thousands of dollars, and peoples lives but is it standard in cars like seatbelts are..? No? Well then shouldn’t it be?..

As always, I welcome your guys’ thoughts 🙂

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