Ladies? What would you think?

Is it creepy to comment on a girls photo, who you don’t know very well, complimenting her looks in a respectful way? :S


What I had, that’s now gone.

I can go for days on end, weeks, even months where I never think about what happened. I let it pass me by, and live on with my life. After all; it’s all over anyway so why continue to dwell on it? Well I am pretty good at looking past it all… until one picture shows. The picture is worth a thousand words, and to me that picture was worth a thousand old and previously thought to be dead feelings and emotions; no, all of them brought back to life and all….from that one photo of what used to be…. I can accept it all I want but seeing it? It just… for some unknown reason pushed the bar… reminding me of what I had and now lost.

Fact of the matter is? I still miss her. I try to look past but the feelings still live on…however small or large, I miss her.