Possible weekly/daily story?…

I have been thinking a little bit. How would you guys like if I wrote stories each day not on what happened but based on what happened…with a twist of what I wanted to happen. It wouldn’t be in a extreme fictional sense, but in a semi-realistic take

Leave some comments, should I do this?


Just Laugh

Sometimes you find people in life who are so blinded in rage, personal sense of achievment, or just plain stupidity to a point that all you should really do is laugh at the fact they think they are much more then how everyone sees them. Reason with them, talk to them, and be as carefull as you want to but that will all be void in their arrogant, quick thought, no minded response.


So I finally mustered up the courage to ask a girl out; A friend I know who used to work at a Starbucks I go to every day. I couldn’t be happier that I finally did something about it. At first I thought a date would be a nice confidence boost but I didn’t think a pick could be this lucky for me… She seems like everything I am looking for in a girl, yet, have not found in many others.

I hope she will take me up on a date… I really do.