What If..?

I find myself thinking quite morbid thoughts when I am driving alone, more particularly at a higher speed. I find myself caught up in the thought of the machine below me, pushing through years of engineering defeats to provide me the ability to travel over 100 kilometers per hour. With this thought follows mind introducing the line it quite frequently does, “what if?..”. As if to say what if machine were to be failed not under its own conditions but under my command. What if I were to just slightly adjust my hands position to the right? I would blissfully flow into a near immovable object barricaded alongside the road, and only when it were too late would I realize the impact dealt, or if not, then one less person would be among us. Or what if I turn to the right? Veering off the outlined course of supposed safety into the oncoming lane of other people to a point where our human abilities would fail to notice quickly enough to brake before impact; over 6 tons of man and machine on a course into each other at over 300 combined-kilometers an hour. At best, the outcome would be gruesome: Both laying on the pavement as our little remaining life fleas our body slowly onto the ground we lay across… dying. Watching the red pool form around our head as we listen to the faded sound of the ambulance rushing to the scene..meanwhile, us both drifting painfully out of consciousness and into our death.

All….what if?


Say what your feeling, don’t try to feel what your saying.

Poor Doctor

I don’t think that I would like being a doctor very much… Think about it, all the work you would do and all the lives you would save would be thankless! A doctor can spend 12 hours in surgery operating on someones open and living body, or hours helping in the safe delivery of a baby and what does the patient say when it goes wrong in any way? “The doctor screwed it up!” but if it goes well without issue what do they say?..

“Thank God for getting me through that safely.” Cause, you know… not like a medical expert helped or anything.