Drugs and Me

I have been on a drug called Cipralex for the past few months now, and i was planning on giving it a brief review of how it has affected my life from use. Cipralex is anti depressant and in total honesty, this drug has changed my life for the very better. From the time I began taking these pills once a day, I had yes, experienced some small and temporary side effects in my sleeping patterns, but this 2 week time of odd sleeping lengths, was well worth for the new found joy I now have in my life! Aside from the first month or so of use this has had no negative effects on me at all, and has instead left me with a whole new outlook on me and everything else. Suicide, unlike before is simply erased from my mind, and the enjoyment I get out of my every day tasks has been far more fulfilling. I just think I owe you guys that fact that this has helped me 🙂



  1. Wow. I’m so amazed how you can blog about something this personal. You’re so brave for doing so. That kind of “openness” is what I want to try and accomplish with my newly created blog, which at third post, I’m already failing miserably. I’m definitely going to follow you and try to emulate your bravery for baring it all. =)

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