I need to Be More Social

I really think that I would be far happier if I were more a social butterfly. Even though I hate the idea of getting so bogged down in my schedule, I think having a little more to do would help me out a bit in life. Maybe lift some of the depressing thoughts off my back to. What do you guys think?

Drugs and Me

I have been on a drug called Cipralex for the past few months now, and i was planning on giving it a brief review of how it has affected my life from use. Cipralex is anti depressant and in total honesty, this drug has changed my life for the very better. From the time I began taking these pills once a day, I had yes, experienced some small and temporary side effects in my sleeping patterns, but this 2 week time of odd sleeping lengths, was well worth for the new found joy I now have in my life! Aside from the first month or so of use this has had no negative effects on me at all, and has instead left me with a whole new outlook on me and everything else. Suicide, unlike before is simply erased from my mind, and the enjoyment I get out of my every day tasks has been far more fulfilling. I just think I owe you guys that fact that this has helped me 🙂

Google Music; Some Quick Thoughts

I recently was in the United States for a while and I figured that while I were there, I would see if I could get Google Music to work on my laptop and phone (I am Canadian, and Google Music is unavailable here sadly). I won’t go into details as to how, but I have it working, and now I think I will give you all my feedback so far.

On a Computer:
To use Google Music to its full potential, there website prompts you to download its PC client, to upload your music. This piece of software is not like iTunes or even Zune Player, in a sense that the only job of the software is to upload your computers music library: The music player itself, is actually all online. Some may either love this or hate it so I will leave that one up to you.

On Android Phones:
Moments after uploading songs to my account on my laptop, I hopped onto my phone to check the Music app to see how I get the phone to sync… to my surprise, upon opening the app I was greeted with a “Sync your Music” screen right away. I followed the onscreen instructions and immediately after, my phone was populated with the various songs it were before missing. I am yet to try this feature in reverse by the way. Overall, on the phone loading speeds were quick and easy, and the offline feature worked as expected; Perfectly.

I love one thing in particular about the Google Music clients, and that is that the moment a new song is added on your computer from anywhere, the PC client knows right away, uploads that song, and within a matter of several seconds is ready to play on your phone. What I love most? No more cables and no more syncing! I really hope Google continues to succeed with Android and Music, and I hope this service is pushed forward to.