I have always tried to treat women with complete and total respect. Even though sometimes I may joke around or may not seem like it I do, and in return, two of my most painful memories, and a continuing HATE from some specific people is what I have gotten in return. Mean time the very same girls who express a hate to guys who ‘Are disrespectful to them’ are the very same, blinded by love girls who hang themselves so cheaply around douche bag guys, and act like total sluts to any guy with a six pack. It is something NOT ALL women do, but the ones who do really need to be single so they can take a look at their lives for a moment.



  1. Some girls just can’t make out a difference between a frank attitude and utter cheapness …. the way u wrote makes me think you might be too bold sometimes , but than you are also right about “The Six Pack” thing , some girls just can’t deal with the thing that “Walking Alp”(usually Six-pack tall guy) is no good if he has no respect for you …

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