Some Added Font-roversy on Roboto

Way back when I posted on the design capabilities of the Android based font, Roboto, I was unaware of how…two sided… the new font seemed to be.

Here’s a picture to refresh your memory on the font…

As you can tell, this is a San-Serif font that seemingly by LAW must be compared immediately to Helevetica. It is a real shame that all san-serif fonts fall into comparison with this popularity behemoth but it should still be addressed. Do not get me wrong here, I still very much love Helevetica, and use it much to, but Roboto is my new and current favorite.

Matias Duarte, one of the people behind the Roboto font, said “If you can’t tell the difference between Helevetica and Roboto then you don’t belong in this debate”. Please keep this in mind, as they both have very distinct characteristics and if you can’t even tell the two apart then you can’t argue one is bad or good. Roboto is a font that has to deal a lot with diversity as well because it is  font that is being seen by millions of people on their cell phones, and not to mention millions of different kinds of displays on those cell phones; this means, it must be compatible and legible on a variety of  different diverse screens and monitors. Roboto is a font that was very musch oriented with Android and the end user in mind, and it shows in its robotic-like straight edges, and smooth approachable curves. Some people also argue that the font is simply a poor design, and to those I say designers must always face the fact that you will never make something that everyone will love, and honestly if some people have a strong hatred for something, it shows just how unique it is, and of course with a font unique as Roboto you have strong haters in the font community and you have strong lovers of it to by font nerds such as my self.


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