I am an Atheist 2.0

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As a companion to today’s TEDTalk from Alain de Botton, he sent us this FAQ, a brief introduction to the thinking behind Atheism 2.0:

What do you think of the aggressive atheism we have seen in the past few years?
I am an atheist, but a gentle one. I don’t feel the need to mock anyone who believes. I really disagree with the hard tone of some atheists who approach religion like a silly fairy tale. I am deeply respectful of religion, but I believe in none of its supernatural aspects. So my position is perhaps unusual: I am at once very respectful and completely impious.

What is it you’re most interested in in religion?
The secular world believes that if we have good ideas, we will be reminded of them just when it matters. Religions don’t agree. They are all about structure; they want to build calendars for…

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  1. I would have to agree with you. I am also an atheist, and I find that much of the aggressive, in your face atheism to be a bad thing. It seems that mocking someone’s religious beliefs only makes believers cling to their belief. In some ways it seems sort of hypocritical — I don’t want religious people forcing their beliefs down my throat, so why would I, as an atheist, want to force my beliefs down theirs?

    There are many things about religion that I think are bad for society, yet, at the same time, there are things about religion that bring people a sense of peace. Life is crazy, and oftentimes doesn’t make sense, so what’s wrong with people finding a bit of comfort where they can?

  2. Atheists ‘coming together’ sounds almost like it could be a new religion, which then becomes institutionalized and dogmatic, which then, it seems to me, becomes as dangerous as the organized religions the vocal atheists are protesting against. I just live in hope that we can evolve to a place where one’s belief (or lack of) is personal, and that we can all live peacefully.. how’s that for a fairy tale? 🙂

    • That is something I can agree with. And by coming together, I mean by the fact of say, Catholics, as they all gather to talk about what they all believe, Kinda like a group or organization.

      I understand your point of it being somewhat hypocritical however, and becoming more governmental if it became organized. I guess in a sense that would ruin atheism.

      Do you see what I was getting at though 🙂 ?

      • Ok, I get it now. 🙂

        I remember talking about this idea in a class in college, and, it’s a Catch22 really. There is strength in numbers, so, sticking together can be good, though, you then risk becoming too organized and dogmatic. By not organizing though, people just go off and do their own thing, and there’s no cohesion, and nothing holds them together, which results in nothing happening.

        Though, I think the internet is changing that. I think that people can stick together online… and, they can follow each other’s blogs, writings, social media, etc., and remain at a distance. I think that’s why there is a big atheist presence online — we can show solidarity with each other, but, it becomes tougher to become institutionalized online.

      • I agree 🙂 Social media has been a real wonder to the atheist world. I still stand for the ideas around atheist 2, but it seems that it will have to remain in the online world.

        Perhaps some day some people will organize a meet up or something like that hahaha. But I think that it is a wonderful thing that sites like this exist to share our minds.

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