A brief thought

I just wanted to mention something about my blog. Anyone who follows me probably notices that theirs a few inconsistencies here and there. One of these is how I go back and forth occasionally on personal thoughts, and a piece of literature. Some things I write are more me giving my ideas away and then others are me focusing on the value of it as a piece of reading (Both of which I enjoy) Just bare this in mind that some times I do switch between the two on my blog, and without further due, this one is a personal thought.

I encourage you to reply to this if you want to, but what kind of weird sanctuaries do you guys sometimes find yourself in? By this I mean places you love to be alone in, and enjoy thinking at, or something of the sort. Not just the typical though but something that may be unusual…. Example? For me it is our furnace room. It is a average sized little area that is dimly lite and always nice and warm; Personally warmth is an extremely soothing feeling to me.

What kind of places do you guys find yourself in? I will be sharing more in the next few days on my blog 🙂


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