A new light

I have a very keen eye when it comes to understanding and interrupting our thoughts and what exactly our psyche is doing that most cannot see. I find that psychology is a real fascination as it is making sense of the most complex, powerful, and magical part of our bodies.

I have recently begun applying what I know in psychology, into people I meet and know in reality. I have begun learning various ways we can analyze people and several methods to. I am finally gaining a sense of understanding into some peoples heads which used to be a mystery to me. Some people, for example want nothing more then reassurance and others what acception. Some people even thrive off of contradicting what they think is their… “belief”, by trying to wage a mental and barely thought out jealousy-warfare. There are also some bible-thumpers who think that the answer for every human being, every possible problem and anything bad that happens, can be fixed by one book that uses no proof or evidence, and is based as much on truth as a kindergartens math test. These kinds of people… they honestly only want the quick way out of the big question in their lives, and because they are so lazy to learn a real answer they simply believe in something trivial as religion.

I laugh at them sometimes…


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