This video has been dedicated to my Oma. She is a wonderful grandmother to me, and was loved by her entire family for her kind nature. She was born in Holland and while in Holland meet a man who she later married, and moved to Canada with. They were each others first and only love, and were together all their lives. Their three daughters and all her grandchildren will miss her very dearly, but we none-the-less hope she can rest in peace and forever with her life long husband.

From your only grandson, and everyone else who loved you as I did… this is for you.


Oma and Opa

This is a picture of me and my Oma. I am in charge of putting together a slideshow/video for the memorial, and for the family in Holland. Not easy to look at your Oma and Opa as they were young and happy, knowing now they are no longer with us. I love you Oma and I love you Opa.

You can now be together forever.

These are absolutely amazing pictures. WELL DONE

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I love winter, and I love snow even more. What I love less is temperatures falling down to  -18°C, especially when it’s 8 am and I am ready to go out with my camera… though I perfectly know that without those temperatures I wouldn’t have been able to rejoice at the view of two iced lakes. What a fascinating scene!

Last week I spent a funny and beautiful morning photographing around two lakes not far from where I live. It started out as a cloudy morning, then slowly turned into a glorious sunny day. Though it was freezingly cold, I was so wrapped up in joy at taking photos that I didn’t feel it that much (or was it because of the 3 sweaters and warm heavy trousers I was wearing?!)

These are some shots of the day. Put on your coat, it’s going to be very cold!

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Very well done pictures. Must compliment his design


Hecho por el arq. Teodoro González de León,  el muac primer museo público se inaguró en el 2008 y se encuentra en centro cultural universitario de la UNAM.

Made by the architect Teodoro González de León, muac is the first public museum, inaugurated in 2008, it is localized at centro cultural universitario of the UNAM.

photos by Gabriele Vischi & Carla Brancaccio

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Were it begins and where it ends


The hospital is a interesting place. For most all of us it us where we begin our lives on this world; and much the same for some it is where our life comes to an end. It’s one of few places where you can find something only described as a miracle and find something truly heart breaking and depressing.

If the hospital were a person it would probably have more stories and memories then we could comprehend, and each with its own story to follow. One day it may be saying “Welcome to life Eric!” And another it could be saying “Well miss you”. Its a magical place where both incredibly good and incredibly bad can meet depending all on why your there.

For me recently however… it hasn’t been for anything positive sadly….. wish me the best and my Oma.